August 28, 2015

A year ago today(ish)…

A year ago today(ish) a new chapter opened in my life. Today(ish) is the day Mr. Boyfriend turned into Mr. Fiancé. It’s already been a year – which I can’t believe. A lot of you have been asking how he proposed and I’ve been delaying this post for a while, but why not share the details on the anniversary day?

I’m a big family person and love being in crowds, but I’m also a strong believer that proposal should be about the couple and only the couple; something small private and meaningful to those two people, because we all know everything else in a brown wedding is BIG! Mr. Fiancé proposal was a combination of everything that I love. It was about us, small, with a touch of family.

So how did it all go down?


Well, two days after my champagne birthday, Mr. Fiancé planned a date to celebrate. We started with dinner at Café Trattoria Nervosa in Yorkville. I had been DYING to go there for – what felt like –  years and on top of that somehow Jay Z and Beyoncé made it there before me – so now I just HAD to go. The food was delicious (total understatement), but Mr. Fiancé was so off. He is such a foodie and is so talkative, but this day I got nothing. We also never have our phones out when we are on a date, it’s not a rule, but it’s something we just don’t do, so I was shocked to see his phone out and him texting every few mins. To be honest – it was kind of annoying, this was my birthday and he is texting today out of all days?! Really?! Anyways I brushed it off and kept going.

We went to Summer’s Ice Cream right after and for some reason he was in a rush to go to this park. See we have always gone to parks for my birthdays to pop a mini bottle of champagne, so I still didn’t suspect anything, however I did think it was weird that my man was so determined to see a sunset. He’s not the type. So I half finished my ice cream and jet into the car so we can go to this random park and have some bubbly.

As we get there Mr. Fiancé still seems so off. We walk up (jump rocks – in heels might I add) to this incredible view of the entire cityscape.  I’ve never seen Toronto so beautiful from afar. We sat down and Mr. Fiancé kept ruining my moment with the 6 by complaining about his hands feeling sticky. So he asked me to get up so he can get the hand-sanitizer from the bag. But he didn’t pull out hand sanitizer, instead he had this little box.

Immediately everything started to make sense, this is also where I blank out. I don’t remember what he said, how he said it or anything I just remember seeing him down on one knee and hearing the words I love you… he slipped the ring on my finger and soon after the sky lite up with glitter. It was like all of Toronto had fireworks just for me. The perfect view.

We jumped in the car and that’s when I discovered it wasn’t over, we jet over to his parents house only to find all my friends and family there waiting to party. Oh and we partied – till 5 in the morning. It was only the beginning of the epic celebrations of #PujaSumit2015…

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