Creative Process


Our unique seven step process allows us to work with you to create the stationery of your dreams. The full couture process takes anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks on average for artwork and 7-12 business days for printing.

One on One consultation

Our designers meet with you one on one to understand your needs, style, theme and to get to know you. After all, your design should reflect who you are! The consultation is usually a forty-five minute to an hour. In this time your designer will walk you through all your paper, treatment and structure options through previous samples and various swatches.

A little signature

All our design work commences once we get a little signature from you confirming your order in a contract along with a deposit of 50%.

Picasso Baby

It’s time to make your dreams a reality. Our designers and illustrators brains come together to create a beautiful draft of your invitation based on our conversations.


Once our initial piece is drafted we send you a PDF proof of the artwork. At this time you will work with our designers to let us know what you love and what you wish to alter. The designer will keep you in the loop in regards to how long each change or adjustment will take.


Once we have a final piece of art confirmed we will send you a final PDF proof. Then it’s off to print we go! If you’re looking for an added scan, we can also provide a printed proof of the piece to ensure everything matches your needs upon request.


Printing, scoring, cutting and all the fun treatments and structure work are done through our print team and created to perfection!

Delivery or Pickup

Each of our orders are shipped directly to your door!
For all our clients in the Greater Toronto area, we provide complimentary next day shipping services! If you just can’t wait to see your design suite, or getting larger/fragile material created, we’re more than happy to have you swing by and pick up your order!