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Each event is unique and comes with its own story. Your invitation is the introduction, the one piece that everyone who is attending will see. From there Day of Stationery acts as an accessory throughout to enhance your guest experience and fill them with memories. We pay attention to each piece we create for you to ensure it is detailed to perfection.  Our artists and print teams work hand-in-hand to ensure you get exactly what you came for. Our couture art and print services include the following.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Our in-house artist and illustrators come from a background in modern design and fine art. This combination of skillful talent allows them to create unique hand-drawn pieces specific to each event. The sky is your limit when it comes to design. From art deco patterns to illustrations of the animal kingdom to fashion sketches anything is possible – all you have to do is wish for it!

Foiling Stamping

Foil stamps are the perfect way to add glamorous accents to your design. From shiny highlights to matte colours you choose from the rainbow how you would like to add this treatment. Foil Stamps start with the creation of copper plates which are heated and pressed onto the paper to add that metallic touch. It’s the ultimate form of luxury.

Letterpress & Embossing

Letterpress is a treatment that dates back centuries and is still popular today. It’s a subtle luxury that can truly define your piece. Ink is pressed into the paper creating a deep indentation which gives off a prestigious and modern feel to any artwork or typography.

Custom Die Cuts & Laser Cut

Intricate cuts on weaved together to create a truly sophisticated design. Laser cutting is a technology that allows us to create art pieces with beautiful cutwork design on anything from paper, wood or event acrylics!

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